Superfood Salad: Quinoa, Kale and Asparagus

I am using the title for the catchy effect it has. I don’t believe in superfood. I believe in super advertisement for a product that elevates it into a supernatural status. When will a time come that butter will be considered as superfood?

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Palestinian Msakhan; Pulled Chicken with Onions and Sumac

This post was written a year ago. I dug it up again, and edited it a bit, to post it this year with more intention.

May 15 marks a turning point in the course of history with massive consequences
It is the day Palestinians were forcibly expelled from their homes to nowhere
It is when Palestinians started looking for home, a shelter, a roof to stay under. For 68 years, Palestinians are being chased out of their homes and lands, tortured, imprisoned, mistreated, and killed.
Massacres are happening on a regular basis. The world has become so numb. We count numbers. Unless there’s a notable person among those killed, the death toll is meaningless

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Photos from Dbayeh Palestinians refugees camp I took last year

As I probably have mentioned in previous posts, I am a 2nd generation Palestinian with a Lebanese nationality. I barely have any sense of belonging to neither. My grandmother used to tell me about how they fled and how they settled in the area that became the refugees camp of Dbayeh, the camp that neither most Palestinians nor Lebanese know about. Continue reading

Blood and Chocolate

Everybody’s got a dark side

My close friends know mine by now

I am a big of fan dark twisted series and movies.

Blood and Chocolate Vegan Sanguinaccio dolce recipe - cookin5m2-1

Two years ago, a dark side of me emerged, and it craved searching for and watching old psychological horrors. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Repulsion, The Innocents, and of course, Psycho! Continue reading

Souk El Tayeb, Asparagus Kale Breakfast, and Beirut Madinati

Asparagus kale tomato salad with poached egg recipe - cookin5m2-4

With the Lebanese municipal elections happening by the end of this week, the most brutal fight is happening in Beirut. Two opposing groups are leading the match: a group of fresh-face individuals against political enemies who joint forces to fight the liberals bringing change. I am aware how the political game here goes; promises promises, buy votes, win, keep doing the same old shit you’ve been doing. This has kept things the way they are for a long time with corrupt people in leading positions. But this new group; Beirut Madinati, is giving us a ray of hope and is performing the push needed to seriously poke politicians where it hurts. If they win, this will definitely be a change.

I don’t vote in Beirut, but I support Beirut Madinati. I support them because of the individuals themselves and their backgrounds, the program they present, and the actions they have done so far. I even know about Beirut Madinati more than I know about the municipality where I’m supposed to vote. I wish I do vote in Beirut to elect a group who actually know what they’re doing. I hope they’d be able to bring back Beirut to Lebanese, not just Beirutis, and definitely not Kahlijis. Continue reading

Jamie Oliver’s Hot Cross Buns

Jamie Oliver's Hot Cross Buns recipe - cookin5m2-3Jamie Oliver's Hot Cross Buns recipe - cookin5m2-6

Happy Easter to those who celebrated Easter this past week.

Eventhough I am not a full time employee this year, but I enjoye celebrating both holidays. I am a Greek Catholic, and our holiday was last month. I like the traditions I grew up to especially when I was a devout church boy and the leader of our church choir. I love the chants from Good Friday; sad, melancholic, and glorious at the same time. I attended both celebrations. Can’t get more Easter-y than this 😋 Continue reading